Philosophy: Why we unschool

As parents and home educators we provide our children with a flexible, child-led approach to learning.

We support their interests and help them explore topics that are more in-depth than their current abilities and experience allows.

What does that mean in real life?

In practice it means answering a hell of a lot of questions. It also means admitting that we sometimes don’t have the answer.

In either case we help our children find the answers. This might mean Googling a topic, going somewhere to find more information or have a real life experience.

We believe...

Kids don’t need a set curriculum to make sure nothing is missed.

Given a supportive environment with access to a broad range of information along with caregivers willing to help, kids will learn what they need to know.

Not all kids need to know the same things because none of them are the same. They each have different dreams and aspire to different futures and that’s just fine.


We believe in teaching children how to learn, not what we think they should know.