Puzzles for kids: Smart Games IQ XOXO

Can I quietly admit that when we first got these games we played it wrong because someone (me) didn’t read the instructions? They’re puzzles for kids, how hard can they be?

Anyway…We recently celebrated Abi’s 9th birthday with cake and the usual stuff (I kill plants, so I’m not sure how my kids managed to survive until 9 and 12!). Among the gifts she received two puzzles, Smart Games IQ XOXO and IQ Puzzler PRO.

I’m not going to tell you these things are magic, but… I came downstairs one morning shortly after we got them and BOTH GIRLS were sitting quietly at the table playing.

I don’t know about you, but I’d always thought two kids playing together without fighting and screaming was a sign of the impending apocalypse!

The puzzles are smaller than your wallet

Again with the “not magic. but…” when given a choice between taking her iPad or the IQ Puzzler Pro on a recent trip to the doctor Abi chose a puzzle! I even took a photo so I’d have proof.

Abi playing a puzzle for kids while we wait at the doctors

From a parents standpoint, these puzzles have a lot going for them. Not only do the kids enjoy them, but they’re small and self contained. The game itself is smaller than my wallet and fits in my bag – not much does, it’s a pretty small bag. Everything’s in one place too, the board, pieces and a booklet containing a series of challenges fits neatly into a little hinged box.

There are 120 challenges to play (in the IQ OXOX), ranging from Starter to Wizard so you’ll keep being challenged as you go along (the solutions are in the back in case you get stuck). They’re not horribly expensive and they’re great for all ages. Even I’ve had a go – I’m only at Junior level, don’t judge me.

If you’re looking for something to tempt your kids away from their screens, or you just want something that’ll stretch their minds a bit, Smart Games IQ puzzles are an awesome option. We’ll be looking to get some more soon.

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